In this commercial, Keyz (along with Tha Mike and Ariana) sells cute but rude teddy bears.

Script Edit

(sound of door opening)

Tha Mike: Honey, I'm home. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ariana: Aww, sweetie. Look how cute! A teddy bear! Lemme give him a big hug.

(fart noise)

Ariana: Oh, Jesus! (sniff) Gah!! You know how to kill the mood, don't you?

Tha Mike: That wasn't me!

Ariana: Oh right! Who was it? The bear!

Announcer: Why as a matter of fact it was! And it's because that's no regular teddy bear. New from Awful Show Toys comes...


AirBears are the cute, cuddly teddy bears that will make any woman's heart melt, but watch out! Because inside each AirBear is a specially designed air bladder and odor cartridge system that allows the bear blow obnoxious farts when you give them a squeeze. And AirBear odor cartridges are interchangeable. Some of the smell cartridges available include broccoli casserole, beer and bratwurst, and Cajun chicken salad, to name a few. AirBears are durable enough for any age and are machine washable. So give the cuddly toy that really gives back to the one you love.


It's the bear that smells like ass!


And coming this summer, look for our Cuddle and Quiff Airbears, the pretty little girl bear with the powerful pussy farts. The limited edition Cuddle and Quiff Airbears will include 2 odor cartridge: Malasian Cat House and Low Tide. Only from Awful Show Toys.

Notes of Interest Edit

  • Keyz actually considered getting a patent on this product idea, but later decided it would be more trouble than it's worth.