"Brew Tastes Like Swill" is a parody of Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill".


I could spew, cause this brew tastes like swill
Drinking Schlitz gives me the shits and violent chills
With 8 bucks and change, bought a case of Old Milwaukee
Must have been deranged, to believe I would be keeping it down.
I'm on my knees, my stomach making weird sounds.
If you need me...

I will be face down in the toilet
This is not what I had in mind.
Face down in the toilet
Tasting my lunch a second time.
Face down in the toilet
That cheap ass beer has put me here.
Face down in the toilet

It is true, that this brew tastes like swill.
It's a given, Pabst Blue Ribbon makes me ill.
Why have I not learned, that good suds are worth the money.
Guess I should have splurged, for a case of Yuengling or Rolling Rock.
Cause this shit tastes like it was strained through gym socks.
It's such a waste,

Since I'm now face down in the toilet
I don't think I could feel much worse.
Face down in the toilet
My GI tract in full reverse.
Face down in the toilet
There is no doubt, I'll soon pass out.
Face down in the toilet
You'll be there too when your brew tastes like swill.

Notes of InterestEdit

  • Keyz was not thrilled about the outcome of this parody. He simply was desperate to do a Duran Duran parody.

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