Episode Number: 10
Recorded: 25 August 2006
Run Time: 2:15:47
File Size: 63.7 MB


Thursday, I didn't think we had enough content for a show. Friday afternoon before recording I realized we were going to have to squeeze to keep it under 3 hours. Amazing the difference a day can make! Drunk nurses, Xela Project mastermind Alex Farrell, Joel of "Momentary Lapse" fame, KSweeney, and the icing on the cake -- a new [AWESOME!] commercial from Keyz! This one is packed with good stuff.

We changed some stuff this week. First, our phone/Skype system is VASTLY improved, and all the equipment sounds better as a result somehow. Second, we have started putting links to the show bits below, which you can use to spread the Awful Show ministry to your friends and message boards. made the right column black. Look at it, ain't it sexy in black?

We're going to try to schedule a musician interview every week. If you're a musician or band member who wants to push your wares on the show, contact us. If you know someone who is, have them get in touch. We're all about supporting the original and up-and-coming.

Yeah, I need some sleep. I'm going to finish the notes here and go to bed. But I shall sleep the sleep of the satisfied, knowing we put something good together for you this week.


  • Alex Farrell - Xela Music Project
  • Joel - Gregory the Really Angry Robot

News and TopicsEdit

  • Pluto no longer a planet – Animaniacs forced to re-record song about the solar system
  • Sweden's state broadcaster SVT embarrassed by porn mishap
  • University of Texas is No. 1... in partying
  • Man survives 1,000m fall
  • Book: Osama smitten by Whitney Houston
  • Conservatives ask FBI to investigate hotel porn
  • Sex Toy In Luggage Gets Man In Trouble
  • Kangaroos Put on the Pill to Curb Population


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


  • The Distance by Cake
  • Stupify by Disturbed
  • Attitude by Hardknox
  • Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson
  • Fat and Married by MU330
  • Drink Beer and Fuck by Nina Whett
  • Jam on It by Nucleus
  • Brick House 2003 by Rob Zombie
  • Drunk Asshole by The Urge
  • Du Hast by Rammstien
  • Tanz Mi Laibach by Laibach

"(HFSIB) 3 Awful Years" Track BreakdownEdit

  1. Coming Soon.


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