Episode Number: 130
Title: "Where You At?"
Recorded: 12 December 2008
Run Time: 2:29:01
File Size: 69.9 MB


Once again, back in full force and ready to talk about all the stuff going on in our lives and in the world. We had some Know Your Bros questions, a fun interview, and a game of Relative SYN hosted by a sicknes crippled Keyz.


Mike Errico stopped by to talk about the music industry, his projects and his work with Blender magazine. He's a kindred spirit to be sure, and I would expect to see him back on the show in the future. Listen to find out how to get free swag!

Nerraux NewsEdit


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


  • Lean Christmas by Devo Spice
  • Afflicted by Age of Daze
  • Please Stop Leaving by Mike Errico
  • Ten Minutes by The Get Up Kids

"(HFSIB) 3 Awful Years" Track BreakdownEdit

  1. Making Fun of Obama (1:27)
  2. Show 130 Introduction (3:34)
  3. How Was Yer Week - Nerraux (8:55)
  4. How Was Yer Week - Joel (1:31)
  5. How Was Yer Week - Keyz (3:46)
  6. How Was Yer Week - Tha Mike (14:26)
  7. The Mail...The Mail's Here! (10:40)
  8. Voicemails, We Take Your Voicemails! (5:25)
  9. Lean Christmas - Devo Spice (3:41)
  10. Nerraux News (21:35)
  11. Dr. Fuck (2:02)
  12. Afflicted - Age of Daze (3:37)
  13. A Momentary Lapse with Joel (1:12)
  14. Mike Errico Interview (25:49)
  15. Please Stop Leaving - Mike Errico (5:12)
  16. Screw Your Neighbor - Round 1 (9:30)
  17. Screw Your Neighbor - Round 2 (9:58)
  18. Show 130 Closing (1:23)
  19. Ten Minutes - The Get Up Kids (4:20)
  20. Show 130 Aftershow (10:43)


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