Episode Number: 1
Recorded: 23 June 2006
Run Time: 1:59:06
File Size: 55.9 MB


Well, this was our first attempt at putting a podcast together. It wasn't brilliant by any means, but give us a break, we're a little out of practice. We promise it will get better as the shows continue. If nothing else, you can fast-forward past us and get right into the music

News and TopicsEdit


  • Pretty When I'm Drunk by Bloodhound Gang
  • Alcohol by Barenaked Ladies
  • I Will Survive by Cake
  • 500 Miles by Down By Law
  • Camping on Acid by Government Cheese
  • Fucking Shit Ass by Life, Sex, Death
  • Snap Yo Fingers by Lil John, E40, S. Paul
  • Black by Sevendust
  • Question! by System of a Down
  • The Pot by Tool
  • All About the Pentiums by "Weird Al" Yankovic

"(HFSIB) 3 Awful Years" Track BreakdownEdit

  1. Coming Soon.


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