Episode Number: 60
Title: "Leave the Light On"
Recorded: 10 August 2007
Run Time: 3:29:44
File Size: 98.4 MB


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News and TopicsEdit


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  1. The post-drunken, post-tipsy state at which the removal of clothing begins.
  2. In poker, having so many chips that you make bad calls and bets. It usually is the result of winning one or more big pots and usually is followed up by being "down to the felt"
  3. To move one's hands and arms expressively while talking bollox.
  4. Someone who is overly talkative on emails or text messages.
  5. The constant desire to have the newest, flashiest, fastest, shiniest gadget available, even if the one you just bought is only two months old and still works great.
  6. A non-Canadian person who is extremely fond of Canadians, Canadian culture, and/or Canada in general.
  7. Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, obnoxious questions.
  8. The act of misrepresenting yourself, for the sole purpose of getting laid.
  9. A person who helps you make the right decision of breaking up with the person you are dating by giving you an objective opinion of how bad they are for you and by giving post breakup support.
  10. The consummation of a relationship via SMS messages.
  11. The person who used to be, but is no longer your next door neighbor.
  12. adj. - when something is "just right." Not too hot or too cold, not too big or too small, etc.
  13. The phenomenon that occurs when someone becomes a badass when addressing others on a message board. Making bold statements, on the internet, knowing there is no way to be held accountable.
  14. Someone who assumes responsibility for all drink offers given to a Designated Driver and will take all offers of toasts, shots, and drinking competitions in place of the Driver.
  15. A person who is not only ignorant, but is also an asshole.
  16. The person you have or will have carnal relations with, but never a serious relationship.
  17. A song that sticks in your mind, and will not leave no matter how much you try.
  18. pain in one's arm (particularly around the elbow) caused by too much wii tennis (or, possibly, not enough regular exercise).
  19. Caffeinate the day.
  20. The empty feeling that comes from finishing the seventh book in the Harry Potter series and realizing there will be no more.


  1. stripsy
  2. chipdrunk
  3. testiculate
  4. typeractive
  5. technolust
  6. Canadaphile
  7. askhole
  8. Foreploy
  9. breakup buddy
  10. textual intercourse
  11. Ex-door Neighbor
  12. baby bear
  13. Internuts
  14. Designated Drunk
  15. ignoranus
  16. chew toy
  17. Earworm
  18. Wii elbow (also acceptable Nintendonitis)
  19. cafediem
  20. post-Potter depression


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"(HFSIB) 3 Awful Years" Track BreakdownEdit

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