In this commercial, Keyz (as Ginny Kreig) advertises a nazi-run weight loss center.

Script Edit

Hello! This is Ginny Kreig. I am the owner and proprietor of ...

Ginny Krieg's Nazi Weight Loss Center!

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, then come down to one of our 12 convenient locations.

At our weight loss centers, we use tired and true methods that have worked since 1934. We have fully recreated the concentration camp atmosphere and will help you reach your goal weight faster than any of our competitors. We have also recruited the finest Aryan disciplinarians straight from Dusseldorf. These trainers will keep you motivated throughout your exercise regime. Oop, I mean regimen, heh-heh.

And after you have completed your workout, you can relax in one of our oven-like saunas. Or if you prefer, you can spend some time in our specially designed gas chambers. Ooh, dear! I mean aromatherapy chambers. Heh.

Sure, some of our competition may think we are extreme in our methods, but one thing they cannot argue with is our results. In fact once you sign the papers and become a member, you are guaranteed to lose weight or we will give you a full refund.

So drive down to Ginny Krieg's Nazi Weight Loss Center and sign up today. (sinisterly) We WILL make you lose weight!

Ginny Krieg's Nazi Weight Loss Center

(slightly away from the mic) What is with the echo? I am not understanding this.

Notes of Interest Edit

  • The Ginny Kreig character is a loose impression of the Frau character from the "Austin Powers" movies.