"Just Like A Mini Mall" is a parody/mash-up of Tone Loc's "Wild Thing".


Let's shop.

Sittin' all day 9 to 5 at my workplace
Late friday afternoon, I can't wait to go get shit-faced.
Twiddling my thumbs, when suddenly I get an IM.
Was my friend Joe. He found some videos. He said that I should try 'em.
So I open Firefox, then click My Favorites.
I have to wait cause this PC predates Beta Cassettes.
It fine'ly show the list, so I click on Fark. It
was in crimson red. There was a link that said montgomery flea market

(Play MFM clips)

I watched in disbelief, thought this was some kind of joke.
Here's this black guy, dancin' like he's fly and rapin' like Tone Loc.
It was just an advertisement, but something was really wrong.
I hadn't even realized I'd begun to sing along.
My eyes we glazed over like I was on some narcotic.
I couldn't think, or, hell, even blink, it was so goddamn hypnotic.
I sat there in a trance as he repeatedly remarked, "It's
like a mini-mall. So give us a call at montgomery flea market"

(Play MFM clips - solo-style)

And now that little jingle has so consumed my brain.
They locked me away, cause people say, it made me go insane.
Now, I'm sitting in a room with walls padded like a bed.
Cause they don't make a drug that is strong enough to get that song out my head.
I know that hearing me rap is as painful as cheese grater masturbation.
But don't dispair, because its time I shared with you the moral of this narration.
If someone sends you a URL and tells you to bookmark it.
Delete it with all speed if its a link that reads "montgomery flea market"

(Play MFM clips)

Notes of InterestEdit

  • This parody is about, and features the voice of Sammy Stephens, the owner and advertiser for Flea Market Montgomery in Montgomery, AL.

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