Here are a list of parodies Keyz is working on (or are presently on hold) for the show.

  • Age of the Hairy Puss (parody of Age of Aquarius from Hair) - About 75% Done
  • Bringin' Out the Tube Steak (parody of Def Leppard's Bringin' on the Heartbreak) - About 15% Done
  • Coccyx (parody of Britney Spears's Toxic) - About 15% Done
  • Fat and Sturdy (parody of Charmillionaire's Ridin' Dirty) - About 20% Done
  • E-mail Type Thing (parody of Stone Temple Pilots' Sex Type Thing) - About 10% Done
  • Electrical Toys (parody of Estelle's American Boy) - About 40% Done
  • Guitar Hero (parody of Foreigner's Juke Box Hero) - About 65% Done
  • Get High (parody of Flo Rida's Get Low) - Presently just an idea
  • In The A.M. (parody of Flo Rida's In the Ayer) - Presently just an idea
  • Hungry for a MILF (parody of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf) - Presently just an idea
  • Kidney Bean Queen (parody of Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen) - About 40% Done
  • Love Balloons (parody of Nena's 99 Luftballons) - About 10% Done
  • My Chronic (parody of Alanis Morrisette's Ironic) - About 70% Done
  • Piss on You (parody of John Waite's I Ain't Missing You) - Presently just an idea
  • Rusty Trombone (parody of Godsmack's I Stand Alone) - About 10% Done
  • Sleep (parody of TLC's Creep) - Presently just an idea
  • She Will Be Drugged (parody of Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved) - Presently just an idea
  • Über Geek (parody of Rick James's Superfreak) - About 55% Done
  • Unzip My Pants (parody of Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart) - Presently just an idea

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