In this commercial, Keyz (playing 3 parts) sells a solution for nocturnal flatulence.


(snoring, then fart)

Carol: Oh, Earl. (sniff) Oh, EARL!! Jesus Christ! You've got that stench again! Didn't you use your Nature's Goodness??
Earl: Unnn...The guy at the store said they were back ordered 6 weeks.
Carol: Damn, we need to come up with a back up plan. WHEW!!

Narrator: Well, Carol. A back-up plan is just what we have for you. From the makers of Nature's Goodness Rectal Wash comes...

The Stench Vent!

The Stench Vent is an odor relocation system that fits neatly and conveniently at the foot of your bed. When ever a foul smell develops under the sheets, just hit the 'expel' button and the smell is quickly transferred to another location. Vent it outside or into the bathroom. You can even blow it into the mother in law's bedroom!


Carol: Uh, oh!

(stench vent sound)

Mother-In-Law: (after a pause - in other room) Oh, Jesus Herald Christ. What the hell is that smell!!

Narrator: And with the brand new Stench Vent Deluxe, you can even switch it on low for some of those more consistent odors.

Earl: (sniff) Lord, carol. Anyone could have vaginal odor. But there are pelicans outside the window...and we live in Omaha!
Carol: Oh, Earl.

(vacuum on low)

Narrator: With the Stench Vent you no longer have to worry about those noxious odor that appear in the night. It's also the perfect gift for valentine's day. Show the person you sleep with how much you love them.

The Stench Vent!

It just sucks!

The Stench Vent!

Available at all CVS, Rite Aid, WalMart, JC Penney, and Mildred's House of Embarrasing Appliances locations.

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