In this commercial, Keyz (playing 3 parts) sells a line of effective, but painful first aid products.


(Crying - coming closer)

Dad: Aww, what's the matter Jimmy. Skinned your knee?
Jimmy: (sobbing) Uh-huh.
Dad: Well, lemme put something on it.
Jimmy: No, that'll burn!
Dad: Don't worry Jimmy. This is the ouchless stuff.
Jimmy: Oh...uhhh...okay.
Announcer: I wouldn't do that if I we're you, dad!
Dad: Huh?
Announcer: You see while a lot of those ouchless antiseptic are pain-free, there isn't really any clear evidence that do anything to help the wound heal.
Dad: Oh. Well, what do you suggest?

Announcer: Glad you asked! You need to try...

Sukitup Medical Supplies!

Sukitup Medical Supplies has a large line of infection prevention products for both consumer and industrial needs. Try Sukitup brand Alcohols, Iodines and Peroxides for cleansing and sterilizing the skin. Also available are Sukitup non-ouchless bandages, in single size and variety packs. When it comes time to treat any kind of trauma, from a mosquito bite to a gaping head wound, Sukitup has the product to keep infection from setting in.

Dad: Aww, Jimmy. Skinned your elbow? Here, let me put this on it.

(sizzling sound)

Jimmy: (screaming) Oh, god! It burns! Stop, please, stop it!
Dad: Aww, Jimmy. Don't be such a fucking pussy. Suck it up.
Jimmy: (keeps screaming)

Announcer: (laughing) You tell him, dad! Don't put your health in the hands of something you can't feel working. When you need an antiseptic you can trust, turn to Sukitup.

Sukitup Medical Supplies!

If it doesn't hurt, it ain't worth shit!

Sukitup Medical Supplies!

Trusted by doctors, parents and sadomasochists alike. For more information, visit

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