In this commercial, Keyz (with ZGK) sells a follow-up doll to Bad Billy.


Announcer: Hey, listeners. The Awful Show's audience in the 4-8 year old age range continues to grow by leaps and bounds. And since the premier of The Awful Girls snacks, over 70% of this increase has been young girls. As Awful Show industries is ever-vigilant in making cutting edge products, a new doll is now available for your little angel. From the makers of Bad Billy comes...

Tina Tourettes!

Tina Tourettes is the little sweetheart that says 5 different phrases.

Tina: Let's go to market with mommy, the fucking, ball-licking cunt!

Announcer: Tina Tourettes offer both heart-warming sentiments, but at the same time teaches your child sensitivity toward those afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome.

Tina: We'll make daddy's favorite dinner tonight, that asshole, faggot douchebag!

Announcer: Tina Tourettes comes with both an adoption certificate and a educational pamphlet entitled "Why does my friend call me a pussy fart dick gobbler?"

Tina: Grandma loves to get hugs and kisses from us, scrotum-face shit-ass whore!

Announcer: Give the gift of understanding to your little girl on her next birthday or holiday. Give the gift of...

Tina Tourettes!

Tina: It's good to be nice to your baby brother, the little shit-pants bastard!

Announcer: Tina Tourettes is available wherever fine Awful Show Toys are sold. For more details, visit

Tina: You're my best friend, you cum-gargling bitch!

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