In this commercial, Keyz promotes a vengeful escort service.


What's the matter, bunkie? Just get your heart broken? Did that intelligent, handsome bodybuider steal your girlfriend? Or maybe your man ran off with that little blond office temp with the double-Ds. Well, don't get mad! Get revenge by calling...

VD Express!

VD Express is a new, different kind of sexual service endorsed by The Awful Show. With just a phone call and a valid credit card, you can have a member of our over 200 sex solicitors pay a visit to your ex-significant other. Our crew is highly trained in the art of seduction and will have no problem picking up your former partner. Each member is armed with one of your choice of over 40 venereal diseases and will spread it to your intended, guaranteed or double your money back. Anything from a mild case of gonorrhea to full blown AIDS can be passed on. Call within the next 10 minutes and we will send a second member to infect your ex's new partner for half price. So give VD Express a call and make you prior special someone as miserable as they made you.

VD Express!

If you can't have it, make no one else want it!

VD Express!

Call VD Express at 610-572-2533. Operators are standing by.

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